Chef M.

First and foremost, DIET is a four letter word.

I’m a chef with a background in nutrition, healthy cooking, marketing and Spanish, which means I make a killer Paella.

My life’s mission and passion are teaching people with eating disorders and chronic illnesses, like heart disease and diabetes how to cook the foods they love without sacrificing their health for flavor or satisfaction.

My life’s passion is teaching everyone, healthy, unhealthy, young, and old how to cook healthier as well as make healthier choices when shopping and eating out.

If a new recipe doesn’t taste like the traditional version, it doesn’t become one of my recipes. My recipes are as good or better than the originals, just without the excess fats, sugars, sodium, or cholesterol.

I use organic and all natural ingredients whenever possible, like real butter and cream from grass-fed cows, just less. Eggs are also back in my recipes, no longer threatening our serum cholesterol as science once thought.

I use high quality fats like cold pressed extra virgin olive and coconut oil as flavorings instead of cooking mediums. I’ve developed healthier cooking techniques to easily achieve high fat cooking technique results that will have you, your family, and friends raving about the results. Don’t tell them the recipes you get from my blog are healthy. They will never know the difference.

My main objective is to make food safe. My story is simple. I learned how to cook healthy to save my life. Now I want to pass that on to others.

How long has it been since you’ve had a Smothered Chile Verde Burrito, Cheese Stuffed Manicotti with a Sausage Ragu, Pork Tamales, Moussaka, Louisiana File Gumbo, Lamb Tikka Marsala, New York Style Cheesecake or Real Key Lime Pie and not felt guilty?

I can show you how to make and indulge in foods you’ve deprived yourself of from heavenly cream sauces to sinfully rich desserts.

Short on time? Half of my recipes are fast and healthy, 30 minute in-and-out of the kitchen experiences. Why? Because I work for a living, just like most of you.

In addition, I try to provide gluten and vegetarian versions of many of my recipes whenever possible.

My recipes are easy to follow with step-by-step instructions, illustrations. Many include how-to-videos from my T.V. spots. I also include Nutritional Talking Points with my recipes so you can see where I’ve made substitutions for healthier ingredients and changes in cooking techniques.

I’ll teach you how to read food labels and make sense out of all of the nutritional insanity out there. And, I’ll show you how to shop, eat out healthier, and stock your pantry.

We will discuss anything and everything about food, from the benefits of brown rice and other grains to the detriments of artificial sweeteners and have fun doing it.

So go ahead taste, savor, and experience cooking and enjoying eating again. Nurture the spirit and indulge the palate without threat of gastronomic overindulgence and coronary repercussion. It’s my gift to you for your heart, health, and soul! Chef M.


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