Sweet Potato Apple Bake

Sweet Potato Apple Bake

  • Servings: 12
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Here’s a wonderful dish for the holidays that bakes sweet potatoes or yams with sweet/tart apples until both are tender, but still firm. Baking the sweet potatoes or yams insures that they keep all of their nutrients and nutty rich flavor, while the apples, juice, and spices add sweetness and texture.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


2½ lb. sweet potatoes or golden yams (3 medium)
2 medium apples peeled and sliced (use firm sweet/tart apples)
1 cup frozen apple juice concentrate, thawed
1/3 cup dark brown sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp. ground ginger
1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg


I. Preheat oven to 375 F degrees. Spray a 9 x 13-inch baking dish with cooking spray and set aside. 

2. Peel sweet potatoes or yams, and cut into ½ inch slices and place in baking dish. Peel and slice apples, ¼ inch thick. 

3. In a separate container, mix apple juice with brown sugar, spices and salt. Pour half of juice mixture over sweet potatoes, cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes or until almost tender. 4. Add sliced apple to remaining juice mixture and gently combine. 

5. Remove from oven and uncover. Pour remaining juice and apple mixture over sweet potatoes and gently mix together. Re-cover dish and return to oven. Bake 30 minutes or until sweet potatoes and apples are tender. Remove from oven and serve or set aside covered until ready to serve.


Nutrition Information: 12 servings at 113 calories; 0.4g fat; 1g protein; 27g carbohydrate; 3grams fiber; 0 cholesterol; 48mg sodium


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